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My take on beauty

Makeup Artist

Every potential client I meet is beautiful and my job is to make them feel that way I offer makeup for all sorts of occasions. Fashion shows, events including photoshoots, parties, personal and camouflage makeovers. I also offer very in-depth skincare consulting to tailor your regime to aid in preserving or addressing your unique skin needs.

You may be asking why I refer to myself as the unconventional esthetician. The reason for this is simple, one of the most asked questions I get has to do with what line I carry. As an esthetician, I am expected to carry a line (brand) of products. But I do not promote just one brand at a certain price point, which maybe out of reach for many or not fit their lifestyle.  For another reason (mission statement, ethos, not POC owned.) I also believe in educating the consumer in what they put on their body and how it affects them. If we, as consumers educate ourselves on what ingredients are and what they do we can help make changes in the beauty industry, for all a lot safer and more affordable.

Female Model

Taking joy in living is a women's best cosmetic.

Rosalind Russell

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